Hi guys, so it’s been while since a wrote a new blogpost here. But now I really want to share something with you because I feel it’s relevant for the people who visit this website.

I’m going to talk at the first ever Web Data Extraction Summit, presented by Scrapinghub. The event will be in Dublin, Ireland, september 17.

So what’s this gonna be about? A one day event focusing on one thing: web data extraction. From a technical, business, legal and innovation standpoint. Read more about the program here.

This event will give you the chance to meet thought leaders, get insights from the web data extraction industry and meet likeminded people. During the summit you will see how companies are leveraging web data and how you can too. You will learn how to gain a competitive edge and turbocharge your business with web data.

If you buy your ticket now, you get 30% discount, using this code: SCRAPINGAUTHORITY