hello there
  • developer at heart with a passion for community building and marketing
  • building things mainly in Java, Javascript and/or Python
  • usually working on data-based projects and making data useful

My name is Attila Toth, I’m a developer advocate and I live in Szeged, Hungary.

Since the age of 13-14 I was passionate about coding and building things. My first programming language was Turbo Pascal because that was the first programming book I was able to get from the local bookstore. Then I quickly switched to Java and then later Python and JavaScript. I did a lot of different projects throughout secondary school - android applications, flask web apps, test automation, web scraping etc…

Then, when I started university in 2017 I also founded a price intelligence software startup - helping e-commerce businesses price better - which I worked on for 2 years. Unfortunately this company didn’t work out as we imagined but it was an awesome journey and I learnt a lot. Then, I decided to pursue a career in developer relations because I realized I have an equal love for programming and community building as well. In DevRel I get to practice both everyday which is awesome.

Currently I work at Timescale as a developer advocate.

You can contact me at hello@attilatoth.dev