hello there

My name is Attila Toth, I’m a developer advocate and I live in Budapest, Hungary. I’m a developer who likes technology and building communities. I started my journey in programming when I was 14. Later I studied computer science (University of Szeged) and marketing (Budapest Business School). Since I started my career I’ve been fascinated with data. As a result, most of my technical experience comes from working with databases, data tools, and data-heavy applications.

At the beginning of my career, I tried a lot of different things: I was a software developer first, then later a freelancer, and I founded my own startup. Over these years I’ve worked on a diverse set of projects: business intelligence platforms, data warehousing, web data extraction solutions, training teams, etc…

Eventually, I decided to focus my career on developer relations. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to do DevRel for outstanding data/database organizations such as Zyte, Timescale, and most recently ScyllaDB.

While I love technology and coding useful (and not so useful) things, I also enjoy building communities and connecting with people. That’s why I love working in developer relations because it allows me to experiment with new technologies and connect with like-minded people through content, conferences, and more.

Currently, I work at ScyllaDB as a senior developer advocate.

Reach out:

  • email: hello(at)attilatoth(dot)dev