hello there

My name is Attila Toth, I’m a developer advocate and I live in Budapest, Hungary. I’m a developer who likes teaching technology and building communities. I started my journey in programming when I was 14. Later I went on to study computer science (University of Szeged) and marketing (Budapest Business School). Since I started my career I’ve been exclusively interested in data and learning how to get insights from data.

Over the years I’ve been lucky to work on a diverse set of exciting projects and acquire practical data skills: business intelligence platform, camp management software, custom web data extraction solutions, time-series database software, and more recently blockchain applications.

I get a kick out of extracting data from some place, putting it into some other place, then answering questions with the data. I think it’s awesome.

I think it’s about how much joy you get when you see data. I mean not just regular data, but data that was messy before, unstructured, practically useless and you made some magic to turn it into structured, clean, nice data that you or someone else can use easily. This kind of feeling is what makes me enjoy data engineering.

While data munging is great, I also enjoy building communities and connecting with people. That’s why I love working in developer relations because it allows me to not just experiment with new technologies all the time but also connect with like-minded people through content, offline/online conferences, and more.

Currently I work at Timescale as a developer advocate.