List of html parsers

Html parsing is the backbone of every web scraping software because you need to parse html everytime. I realized that some of you are struggling with finding the right parsing library for your scraping project. This ultimate resource may help you. I gathered the best available html parser libraries in each popular language.

If you encounter that in your chosen language there are multiple libraries which I listed then I advise you to try some of them and use the one that you like the most and which fits in your project. Note that this list is supposed to contain lightweight libraries which means these are neither headless browsers nor automation tools. These are only capable of parsing pure(even invalid) html/xml documents.

If you think that another library should be in the list or you recognise that one of them isn’t supported anymore so it should be deleted from the list feel free to send me a message in the comment section and I will edit the post accordingly.

So, here it goes:

Html parser libraries

C, C++